We are pleased to announce our invited speakers for the Industry Track at ICHI 2017. We think this remarkable set of speakers will inspire you in your respective work.

Invited Speakers Track 1

Lonny Northrup

Lonny Northrup is a Sr. Medical Informaticist at Intermountain Healthcare. As a staff member to the chief data officer, Lonny leads the efforts to advance Intermountain’s substantial data and analytics capabilities to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. Lonny collaborates regularly with the other leading healthcare providers across the country to accelerate the discovery and adoption of the most impactful data and analytic solutions. As part of this collaboration, Lonny is a member of the leadership council and leads the big data special interest group for the Healthcare Data and Analytic Association, which has over two thousand members from more than four hundred of the nation’s leading healthcare systems. Lonny frequently presents in industry forums on Intermountain’s achievements in data and analytics. Recently this has included presentations on big data and machine learning and the significant role of new data sources like genomic data, device data and patient reported data. Recent activities include analysis and pilots with ICU devices, home health devices and wearables for patient engagement, connected health, digital health and population health.

Keynote Talk Title: Improving Population and Individual Healthcare Outcomes with Machine Learning Analytics

Aleksandar Lazarevic, Ph.D.

Aleksandar Lazarevic, Ph.D., Senior Director at Aetna Data Science Organization (Hartford, CT). Aleksandar is responsible for overall predictive analytics solution in health care fraud initiative at Aetna. In addition to health care industry, he has extensive experience in various data analytics projects ranging from banking, credit and insurance industry to diagnostics and computer security applications. He has co-edited a book on cyber security threats, written 8 book chapters and published over 50 research articles, which were cited more than 3,000 times. He holds a PhD degree in data mining / machine learning from Temple University. He had been frequently giving presentations at predictive analytics / data mining conferences.

Keynote Talk Title: Preventive Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse Detection using Big Data Analytics

Invited Speakers Track 2

Tamara J. Winden, PhD, FHIMSS, MBA

Tamara Winden leads Clinical Research Informatics and Analytics (CRIA) and is a Research Scientist in Health Informatics in Research Administration at Allina Health. She has over 20 years’ experience in health informatics which includes implementation, support, maintenance, design, usability testing, and use of the EHR for research recruitment and documentation. Tamara has a BS in Medical Technology, an MBA with a concentration in Information Management, and a PhD in Health Informatics with a minor in Cognitive Science at the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation work is centered around developing and designing a documentation model representation for social determinants of health through a review of existing standards and terminologies and using natural language processing techniques on clinical notes.

Since joining Allina Health, Tamara has lead the development of a clinical research informatics infrastructure to aid researchers across the organization by providing data and technology tools and support. In this role she is also leading policy and procedure development around research data use privacy and security. In addition, Tamara is the owner and driver of Allina’s health informatics research agenda and is primary investigator for studies involving health information exchange using Epic’s Care Everywhere in the ED, barriers to real-time EHR documentation, EHR usability, and HIT and risks posed to patient safety. Her research interests include human-computer interaction and usability of electronic health record (EHR) systems, design of data collection tools for the EHR, and health information exchange.

Tamara is currently the site Principal Investigator (PI) on the Learning Health Systems Network (LHSNet), a Clinical Data Research Network, which is part of the PCORNet research data sharing network. In this role as PI, she is leading build of the infrastructure or feasibility queries through a portal, streamlining research processes, and engaging patients, researchers, and providers in research at Allina.

Keynote Talk Title: Working at the Intersection of Informatics and Research: Leveraging the Electronic Health Record for Research

Jay Bishoff, M.D.

Jay Bishoff is the Director of the Intermountain Urological Institute and Director of Robotics. He is a Johns Hopkins fellowship trained surgeon, who serves urology patients, and their families, using best practice guidelines, his measured experience and the least invasive means possible. The training he has received over the past eight years at Intermountain Health Care, has ignited within him a passion for quality improvement and given him a skill set to develop programs that improve patient outcomes, while significantly reducing the cost of health care.

Keynote Talk Title: Collaborating to Prevent Prescription Opioid Misuse and Improve Access to Treatment: A Public Private Collaborative

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