Paper Sessions

Duration of Oral Presentation: 20 minutes

The following papers have been accepted as ORAL presentations.

Paper session 1
Predictive Machine Learning

Session Chair: Carlo Combi
Predictive Modeling of Therapy Decisions in Metastatic Breast Cancer with Recurrent Neural Network Encoder and Multinomial Hierarchical Regression Decoder Yinchong Yang, Volker Tresp and Peter Fasching
Multi-task LS-SVM for Predicting Bleeding and Re-operation due to Bleeding Che Ngufor, Dennis H. Murphree, Sudhindra Upadhyaya, Jyotishman Pathak and Daryl J. Kor
A Large-Scale Exploration of Factors Affecting Hand Hygiene Compliance Using Linear Predictive Models Michael Lash, Jason Slater, Philip Polgreen and Alberto Segre
Construction of Discharge Summaries Classifier Shusaku Tsumoto, Tomohiro Kimura, Haruko Iwata and Shoji Hirano
A Machine Learning Algorithm for Identifying Atopic Dermatitis in Adults from Electronic Health Records Erin Gustafson, Jennifer Pacheco, Firas Wehbe, Jonathan Silverberg and William Thompson
Paper session 2
Systems Session Chair: Jens Weber
A process-oriented approach for supporting clinical decisions for infection management Bernardo Canovas-Segura, Francesca Zerbato, Barbara Oliboni, Carlo Combi, Manuel Campos, Antonio Morales, Jose Juarez and Francisco Palacios
Electrooculography Based iOS Controller for Individuals with Quadriplegia or Neurodegenerative Disease Bryce O'Bard, Alex Larson, Joshua Herrera, Dominic Nega, Kiran George
An Integrated Patient Genomic Information Management and Analysis System for Healthcare Professionals Amal Alzu'Bi and Leming Zhou
Wearable Privacy: Skeletons in The Data Closet Byron Lowens, Vivian Motti and Kelly Caine
Personal Health Assistance for Elderly People via Smartwatch Based Motion Analysis Rainer Lutze and Klemens Waldhoer
Paper session 3
HMMs, Time-series and Optimization Session Chair: Yasunori Yamada
Spatio-temporal optimization of seasonal vaccination using a metapopulation model of influenza Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Jiangzhuo Chen, Sandeep Gupta, Bryan Lewis, Madhav Marathe, Henning Mortveit and Anil Vullikanti
Medical Workflow Modeling Using Alignment-Guided State-Splitting HMM Sen Yang, Moliang Zhou, Shuhong Chen, Xin Dong, Omar Ahmad, Randall Burd and Ivan Marsic
Pattern Discovery from Directional High-Order Drug-Drug Interaction Relations Xia Ning, Titus Schleyer, Li Shen and Lang Li
Drug-Drug Interactions (DDIs) Detection from On-line Health Forums: Bi-Submodular Optimization (BSMO) Yan Hu, Rui Wang and Feng Chen
Provider-Consumer Anomaly Detection for Healthcare Systems Luiz Fernando Carvalho, Carlos Teixeira, Wagner Meira Junior, Martin Ester, Osvaldo Carvalho and Maria Helena Brandao
Multivariate Hidden Markov Models for Personal Smartphone Sensor Data: Time Series Analysis William van der Kamp and Nathaniel Osgood
Paper session 4
EHR and Sensor Data Analytics Session Chair: Xia Ning
Pattern Recognition for Automated Healthcare Assessment Using Non-Invasive, Ambient Sensors Dino Nienhold, Rolf Dornberger and Safak Korkut (Best Student Papaer)
Note Highlights: Surfacing Relevant Concepts from Unstructured Data for Health Professionals Vanessa Lopez, Joao H Bettencourt-Silva, Grace McCarthy, Natasha Mulligan, Fabrizio Cucci, Stephane Deparis, Marco Sbodio, Pierpaolo Tommasi, et al.
Efficient Bayesian Detection of Disease Onset in Truncated Medical Data Bob Price, Lottie Price and Marzieh Nabi
Granite: Diversified, Sparse Tensor Factorization for Electronic Health Record-Based Phenotyping Jette Henderson, Joyce Ho, Abel Kho, Joshua Denny, Bradley Malin, Jimeng Sun and Joydeep Ghosh
Breast cancer risk prediction using electronic health records Yirong Wu, Elizabeth Burnside, Jennifer Cox, Jun Fan, Ming Yuan, Jie Yin, Peggy Peissig, Alexander Cobian, David Page and Mark Craven
Paper session 5
Human Factors Session Chair: Melanie Wright
Fatigue Detection Model for Older Adults Using Eye-Tracking Data Gathered While Watching Video: Evaluation Against Diverse Fatiguing Tasks Yasunori Yamada and Masatomo Kobayashi
Making Sense in the Long Run: Long-term Health Monitoring in Real Lives Jochen Meyer, Elke Beck, Merlin Wasmann and Susanne Boll
Assessing STAMP EMR with Electronic Medical Record Related Incident Reports Fieran Mason-Blakley, Ryan Habibi, Jens Weber and Morgan Price
Trend Displays to Support Critical Care: A Systematic Review Noa Segall, Damian Borbolla, Guilherme Del Fiol, Rosalie Waller, Thomas Reese, Paige Nesbitt and Melanie Wright
User‐Centered Mapping of Nurses’ Workarounds to Design Principles for Interactive Systems in Home Wound Care Dawood Al-Masslawi, Shannon Handfield, Sidney Fels, Rodger Lea and Leanne M. Currie
Paper session 6
Data Mining and Analytics Session Chair: Joao Bettencourt-Silva
Continuous Assessment of Children's Emotional States using Acoustic Analysis Yuan Gong and Christian Poellabauer
Language-Based Process Phase Detection in the Trauma Resuscitation Yue Gu, Xinyu Li, Shuhong Chen, Huangcan Li, Richard A. Farneth, Ivan Marsic and Randall S. Burd
Discovering Quantitative Temporal Functional Dependencies on Clinical Data Carlo Combi, Pietro Sala and Matteo Mantovani
Evaluation of Trace Alignment Quality and its Application in Medical Process Mining Moliang Zhou, Sen Yang, Xinyu Li, Shuyu Lv, Shuhong Chen, Ivan Marsic, Richard A. Farneth and Randall Burd
A k-means Approach to Clustering Disease Progressions Duc Thanh Anh Luong and Varun Chandola

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