Research Team: Faculty

Michael D. Barnes, Ph.D., MCHES

Research Interests
  • Health communication and technology
  • Policy advocacy
  • Family health
  • Role of family in the social determinants of health

Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier, Ph.D.

Research Interests
  • Data mining
  • Metalearning
  • Incremental learning
  • Computational health science

Carl L. Hanson, Ph.D., MCHES

Research Interests
  • Health communication and social media
  • Family health
  • Social determinants of health

Chad Jensen, Ph.D.

Research Interests
  • Prevention of and intervention for childhood and adolescent obesity and related disorders
  • Psychological and social experiences of overweight and obese youth
  • Innovative technologies in pediatric obesity prevention and intervention

Brad L. Neiger, Ph.D., MCHES

Research Interests
  • Evaluation of social marketing and social media interventions in public health settings

Quinn Snell, Ph.D.

Research Interests
  • Big Data Systems
  • Parallel abd Distributed Computing

Rosemary Thackeray, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Research Interests
  • Social Marketing
  • Women's Health

Joshua H. West, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Research Interests
  • Application of theory driven interventions to improve parenting practices and decrease adolescent drug use

Research Team: Students

  • Chris Fortuna - Computer Science MS
  • Christine Partington - Computer Science Undergraduate
  • Ellie van de Graaff - Computer Science Undergraduate
  • Rachael Young - Computer Science Undergraduate
  • Corey Woodfield - Computer Science Undergraduate
  • Mckay Jensen - Computer Science Undergraduate
  • Chase Maxfield - Computer Science Undergraduate

Past Researchers

  • Samantha Smiley - Computer Science MS
  • Taetem Simms - Computer Science Undergraduate
  • Megan Searles - Applied Computational Mathematics Undergraduate
  • Isai Mercado - Computer Science Undergraduate
  • Elizabeth Brutsch - Public Health MPH
  • Ben Cannon - Public Health MPH
  • Parker Ridd - Computer Science Undergraduate