Data-driven Discovery of Models (D3M)

Final Program

Held in conjunction with the
IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM)
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 18 November 2017

This workshop is about data-driven approaches to model discovery. These approaches aim at developing systems that enable users with subject matter expertise but no data science background to create empirical models of real, complex processes. As a result, 1) subject matter experts are empowered to create empirical models without the need for data scientists, and 2) expert data scientists experience increased productivity through automation.

Workshop Program

8:30 Welcome

8:35 Paper Session
10:05 Break

10:20 Paper Session
11:00 Invited Contribution
11:45 Wrap-up

11:50 Lunch



Please direct questions to Christophe Giraud-Carrier

Program Committee